Welcome to the homepage for the Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei in Tennessee. Kiyojute Ryu is a complete martial arts system teaching the full range of fighting skills ranging from striking, kicking, throwing, and locking to weapons manipulation and more esoteric skills. The training methods are those found in the most ancient of martial arts and are geared toward the rapid development of effective self defense skill. Kiyojute Ryu is a vast system, and it offers the potential for a lifetime of practice and meaningful, ongoing learning.

Events & Happenings


Due to the severe weather that is expected tonight, we will have no class. Stay safe!


A reminder to all that there will be no class on January 1st — Happy New Year!


Many happy congratulations to Evelyn F. and Shane P. for becoming the first shihan from the TN school; the tests were excellent! Join me in congratulating both ladies for achieving this milestone in their training and for our school!


In the name of the holiday and some sickish children, class for July 3rd is cancelled. Sorry for the short notice, and we’ll see you Tuesday.


Please recall there is no class this evening — we will pick back up on Tuesday with a forms class — Thanks!



A new article is up discussing the grappling dimensions of the hambo — homework for all who attended class yesterday!


Some new photos and videos are up from summer tests.


A new Ask Bob is up discussing how the Dojo Cho found the Soke and Kiyojute Ryu.


A few new photos are up from the Dojocho’s recent godan pretest.


Two new videos from a recent black belt test are on the video page.