Dr. William Durbin

William P. Durbin, the Soke (Founder and Headmaster) of Kiyojute Ryu, is a martial artist with more than 30 years experience. He began training in 1971 under the tutelage of a judo expert named Richard Stone; in addition to being a judo adept, Master Stone was also a student of Ramon Lono Ancho, the late great master of Kodenkan Jujutsu and a student of James Masayoshi Mitose, the first American Kempo Master. From Mr. Stone, Soke learned much of the spiritual side of the martial arts as well as judo and elements of Kodenkan Jujutsu and Kosho Ryu Kempo. In 1978, Soke began association with two other martial arts masters, Bill Wallace and Dr. Rod Sacharnoski. From Mr. Wallace Soke learned the importance of physical conditioning and the fine points of combat kicking. From Dr. Sacharnoski, Soke learned much about the most ancient practices of the martial arts including kempo, toide (the Okinawan royal family grappling arts), weapons use, kijutsu, and aikijujutsu. Soke’s experience with these three masters and his own deep research into ancient martial arts practices would eventually lead to the founding of his own system, the Kiyojute Ryu. The Ryu now has dojo in 4 different states and a wide membership of dedicated students.